Sweet Retreat

This week my heart has been heavy. I don't know if it's a combination of hormones and weeks of rain and lots of stress and the Universe sending me too many messages or if it's nothing. Just a season of life, just a phase, another thing to add to the list of "This too shall pass". Whatever it is I don't like it and I'd like my silver lining self back posthaste thankyouverymuch.

But I'm trying. To fit it all in, to enjoy the small things, to love on my family, to let go. It's just a little hard right now. But last night, well, last night was magical. The rain let up, the sun came out, and we took to the streets (and the yard). Everyone was mellow and just soaked up whatever outdoor activity they fancied. Noah found his bike riding mojo again which means many trips down the bike path for us this summer. The ladies (and accidental rooster) did a little free ranging in the backyard (they go back into the coop all by themselves at dusk!). It was just what we needed to energize our weary souls.

No matter how blue I am so damn grateful to call this life ours.

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