May has been an unexpected month of abundance in our household. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around all of it. One of the major changes we've had is consolidating our four vehicles into two. We had two for business and two for family and now have a much more manageable one for each. 

And that is where this little beauty entered our life. Our own real life minivan and a Honda Odyssey no less! Score!
We had a CD player installed on my day off on Friday (yeah, 2002 called and wanted its tape deck back) and bought the Heist so we could really break her in.  We headed to my folks house to help mow the lawn (dad recently had surgery and mom still has a broken arm) and while we were waiting for them to get home Noah helped me shine her up. We are all so in love with her and all of her gray fabric glory. The boys can sit in the middle OR far back seats! We can fold the backseat into the floor for those big Home Depot runs and hauling ladders home from painting jobs! Even Brent likes to take here for a spin sometimes! It's frickin' sweet.
It's also kind of like having a new play set. The boys like to climb all over and pretend to drive. Ezra already has such a keen interest in driving that I'm sure he'll be well schooled on our lawn tractor far before he's old enough for his drivers permit. Is five too young to start mowing the lawn on a tractor?
Life is still a bit harried at the moment, working full time, raising two young boys, and growing a fledgling business, but things are good. Things are falling into place after all of our hard work and the amazing support of our families. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today and we're pretty damn happy here and even luckier to have them. I force myself each day to take at least a brief moment to take a deep breath, reflect on life through the stress, and appreciate that we are here. Red minivan and all.
[Check out the mini rattail on Ezra!]

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