Hello [soon to be] Gorgeous!

On Mother's Day we planted our garden. We bought some peat moss (could've used more) and hand hoed it in before planting seeds and transplanting some seedlings. We went about three times larger than last year, tilled in compost, and tried some new veggies this year too. We're super stoked to see the results!

Here's some of what we planted:
Here's the layout:
It took about an hour and a half to get everything in the ground, which melded perfectly with nap time for little dude. He has a habit of walking on defenseless little green plants.
Some of the transplants seem to have taken to the new environment well, but it looks like we may need to replant some lettuce and tomatoes. The whole process of trial and error in gardening is fun, because all you lose is a little time. If we have to replant those we lost a few weeks germination and a little labor, but if in the end we still get results, it doesn't matter! Plus, there's not really any other way to learn it. We do love the tips in this book we found at Goodwill though:
Dick extends his growing season on both ends and has great ideas for how/what/where to plant everything. Awesome book find. Also, he has a great array of plaid shirts. Sold.

After the planting came the soaking. Our water pressure sucks (well water) so we'll have to get a little creative with how we water this summer. 
I can't wait to pull these lines out in a few weeks as they are replaced with growing corn stalks. I would love to cover half of our backyard in corn and sunflowers.
My morning chores now not only include watering the garden as I have done in summers past, but also feeding the chickens. We should have the coop set up in our backyard in the next few days and a run set up for them too. Contentment is starting your day out in the sunshine helping things grow and letting out chickens. It is the breath of fresh air I need before I start my workday in the city. 

So now we sit back and breathe it in, wait for the plants to come up and the chickens to move out. 


  1. Oh it looks fantastic! We skipped the garden this year because we knew we would be moving soon. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again though :)

    1. I love gardening! Now is the hardest part, sitting and waiting. Grow babies, grow!

  2. This is all so perfect! I start my day out watering my plants too. It's a nice little moment of zen. Would you believe I have that book? My dad gave it to me!

    1. That's crazy! It's an awesome book. I need to scour Goodwill for some more.


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