He Gets Me

"Do you think you can see the lake from the top of the hill?"

"For sure."

"Do you mind if we stop? I might be able to catch the sunset."

"Absolutely. We're going to cut it close."

We pull into the tiny old cemetery in the middle of town perched next to the lake as the sun sinks lower in the sky. The road is narrow, winding, steep, full of potholes and hazards. He expertly steers the car up the hill as the boys look on from the backseat.

"This would be even more fun to drive on a motorcycle"

"You're insane."

I hop out of the car and quickly climb the last hill to the peak of the cemetery. As I snap a few photos of the sunset on Mother's Day Eve I notice that the tombstone I capture says "Mother". The photos don't turn out well because I'm still learning and the sun is setting faster than I can shoot. I head back to the car.

"I love this place."

"Me too. We have to come back more."

Having a best friend that shares your appreciation of cemeteries is pretty awesome. 

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