Greeting Spring with Open Arms

 For most of my life the coming spring has meant one thing: MORE MIGRAINES. While the world around me was growing new life I was inside laid out in bed wishing mind didn't suck SO MUCH. Enter acupuncture 15 months ago: hormonal migraines under control within 6 months. We couldn't find any herbs that would cure my allergies though, so I was referred to another alternative medicine practioner for NAET and "voodoo" (that is a direct quote from my acupuncturist). After about 6 weeks of treatment I can honestly say this experience has been life changing. And I don't take that lightly when it comes to headaches.

I absolutely love being outdoors and there's nothing I want more in the spring than to be outside. In the past my allergies have held me back from taking full advantage of the wonderful Minnesota weather. I could go out for small bursts but would always end up paying for it. I'd have to sleep with the windows closed so I wouldn't wake up with a pounding head. My yard projects never got finished because the time I could spend outside was so limited. Before starting any treatment I was spending about half of my time battling headaches. Yes, I would more often than not have a two week long headache each month. (No, his name wasn't Brent, ba dum tsh!)

The NAET treatment has been weird, I'll give you that, but I can't argue with these results. This is the first spring that I can remember where I have spent more time outside than in (on non-work days obviously). I am killing the yardwork. And I have had, oh, about 1.5 headaches total. That lasted for a few hours. THAT'S ALL. Sometimes I still can't believe that I feel this good. And how sad is that? I lived the majority of my 28 years with miserable headaches and no treatment worked until now.

Twice a week I go to the clinic to get a chiropractic adjustment and most times an allergy treatment. After my allergies have been identified the treatment is super easy. I lay on my back, hold a small vial of the allergen, and the doc does a muscle resistance test with my other arm. If it shows weakness, the treatment commences. I lay on my stomach and do three different breathing exercises as he uses this hammer type thing to hit up and down the sides of my spine. He muscle tests again after the treatment to see if it cleared and will use the hammer one more time if I still show weakness. I then lay on my back as he massages a few pressure points in my arms and legs, and lastly there is a 20 minute waiting period where I chill out holding the vials. That's it. How does that help allergy related migraines? I HAVE NO IDEA. But it's working for me.

Honest to God, I feel so amazing. I keep waiting for the headaches to come, every hour of every day, but they don't. I do wake up a lot of days with a small headache these days, but I now take a shower in the morning to clear out my congestion and feel tons better. My life is not ruled by debilitating headaches for the first time in a long time and all I want to do is cry from happiness. And do yardwork. All the yardwork.

If you have dealt with headaches/migraines forever and no traditional methods have worked (I tried them all) I highly recommend you check out alternative medicine. My experience has changed my life for the better by an immeasurable amount. It has given me my life back. Those tiny needles, small vials, and weird hammer are magic I tell you, magic. I get to spend time outside with these cool dudes and I couldn't be happier about it.


  1. ok, I'm going to look into this. Both my little one and her father have really bad seasonal allergies, and medication doesn't work. I'm kind of sick of them being sick, because they pretty much live with constant sinus infections. Were you skeptical before trying it out? I'm only asking because I wonder if you're telling yourself it will work, so it does (I have strong beliefs in energy) or if this really is the bees knees!

    1. I was definitely skeptical, but out of options! I grew up taking Claritin/Allegra on a daily basis, got allergy shots weekly/monthly, tried over the counter remedies and NOTHING worked for me. As an adult I went to a neurologist who recommended physical therapy and tons of prescriptions. Still no luck. This Eastern stuff works and I have no idea why it would have a better placebo affect than any of the others I've tried. :) [Husband is a huge skeptic, so he makes sure to keep me grounded.]

  2. i have been thinking about acupuncture for a long time now! i assume insurance doesn't cover it? how much does it run you out-of-pocket approximately?

    1. Insurance definitely does not cover it. It's about $130 per session (45ish minutes) and then there are the costs of any herbs they recommend you take as well, which vary greatly in cost as well. Also, I started off weekly, but now am down to about every 5-6 weeks. So it's not super expensive forever, just at the beginning.


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