Chicken Runs!

Now that the coop is built and will be delivered tonight we need to figure out what sort of a chicken run to build. Who knew that almost 11 years after we "watched" Chicken Run on the night we met we'd be building one of our own?! High school romance is the most romantic kind, no? 

Option #1: Wood frame all around with chicken wire. Clean and simple but will they want more height to spread their wings? 
[via Chicken Coop How To Make]
Option #2: Double stacked wood frame and chicken wire with a door. Is a door necessary for cleaning? Does the structure need a solid roof on all or just part? Do we need the wire on the bottom to protect from predators?

[via Chicken Coop Designs Small]

Another Option #: Do we frame with either wood or metal posts and chicken wire, then use poultry netting on top to keep them from flying out? [This one's a bit extreme, but you get the idea.]
[via The Poultry Guide]
Option #4: Metal stakes and chicken wire. Voila, done! We know one of our neighbors doesn't mind chickens in his yard but aren't sure about the rest and definitely don't want to make any assumptions. This also gives us more flexibility to flex the run around to keep their environment fresh.
[via Rich Soil]
Ideal Option: A gigantic run that is framed in wood and just plain huge. LOVE IT. But we don't have space for that really. [Ideally IDEALLY we'd live on a giant farm and let them roam free. But you know, 3/4 acre here] 
[via Feathers Animal Housing]
So those are my weekend plans. Choose a type of chicken run to build so I can get these messy birds out of my house! Then I'll be scrubbing the carpet for the remainder of the weekend. Git it gurl! The glamour of my life knows no bounds.


  1. About #2, I have read it's best to dig down with the wire under the ground quite deep. Depending on the predators in your area. We would have definitely had to do that, living so close to the woods.

    1. We do have a small woods behind our yard in between the houses. We mostly have deer and squirrels. I think our biggest predators will be coyotes and raccoon. We will lock them in the coop at night and it's a sturdy one, so hopefully that helps as well.


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