Budding Photographer

Yesterday Ezra discovered our old Canon PowerShot and went to town for almost an hour, chasing us around snapping photos and giggling. I haven't seen him that engrossed in a single thing in a long time, unless you count the toy ketchup bottle he's currently using as a teether. 

Here are some winning shots:

The last one is of me taking the first picture above. It is so much fun watching him discover and interact with his world. We are so blessed to be a part of that. Now we need to find the battery charger because he definitely killed it last night.

Also, did I mention he will be two in less than two weeks?! It's about time he mastered the camera, am I right?!


  1. the blurry picture is actually my favorite. so surreal =)

  2. ps-- thank you SO much for your supportive comments.

    1. We think he's pretty special. :)

      And of course on the support! I'm not always sure what to say in so many of those situations so I try and do what I can. I can't imagine what it feels like to go through everything but I know it never hurts to hear people are in your corner!


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