What I've Learned About Chickens So Far

  • They grow FAST. They are easily 5 times the size they were three weeks ago. Reading that they can fully mature at 8 weeks is very different than witnessing it. Holy crap they outgrew our brooder fast.
  • 13 chickens in a small indoor brooder is TOO MANY. Last weekend we gave away the last 5 of the original 17, so now we are down to a cool and calm 8 chickens. Hallelujah! I think everyone will be happier now that they have more space.
  • They sleep anywhere and everywhere and poop anywhere and everywhere. This includes both in/on their food and water dishes. And the sides of the Rubbermaids and the floor.
  • They have fairly distinct personalities. Some like to chase each other in circles outside the brooder, some like to roost and chill. It's been fun to see what each is like. 
  • They go through an awkward teenage phase where they have both adult feathers and down. They look gangly and goofy and it's awesome.
  • Kids LOVE them. Both boys would spend hours a day with them if time allowed. We sit in there a few times a day holding them and playing. This endeavor is going to be a great lesson in responsibility for both boys. 

They're a lot of work right now, but so worth it.  Kind of like having kids, eh? Next on the docket: Building the coop! Not like we need it though. This snow is never-ending.

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