Throwback Thursday - Old T-Shirts

Cleaning out the basement this weekend I stumbled upon a pile of old high school t-shirts. I LOVED these shirts and many others like them. So I thought I'd share them before either stashing or trashing them. They come complete with lame teenage facial expressions and everything, because, like, duh!

This one I usually wore with matching green cotton pants.
Can ya dig it? The pink part was fuzzy. Just now realized that could've attracted unwanted boob touching attention. Huh.
Speed Kills. This one glowed in the dark.
OMG did I really just do a photo shoot in my old shirts? Yes, yes I did.
At some point in time I was approached to be a mall model. I think these photos illustrate why. Meow!I was so enamored with all of these shirts. They predated my thrift shop t-shirt obsession. I threw all of those ones out unfortunately. It's weird to look back and think on how much I felt these shirts were a part of my identity. Now, well, they're just shirts. I went through some super awkward clothing phases, but this wasn't one of them. I'd totally still wear these if they weren't stained and showed off my post natal midriff.

And as whip cream on top: my college ID photos. Annoyed with self portrait taking for life captured right here. I mean, srsly?! 

College IDs. Top: 16 years old. Bottom: 19 years old. Ha!

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  1. I am so glad you found me! I had been thinking about you in the past year but I couldn't remember my Tumblr log-on information and definitely couldn't remember your Tumblr address. I thought I had lost you forever! =) I am so happy to hear about your husband!! Mine has been doing well too-- since February 2012. (Keeping my fingers crossed). I'll be catching up on your blog =) Hope all is well.

  2. Things are a bit crazy, but life is good! All of my boys are doing well and we even added some chickens to the family this spring. We went a bit stir crazy with this never ending winter, but spring is finally here. I'm stoked to hear more about your journey in the future!


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