THIS is What I'm Talking About: Reasons Why I Love The Sahmmy

Jeris of TheSahmmy shared a story last night that made my heart swell with pride for my fellow lady friends. Take a minute to check that out here: Target Tantrum

THIS is what we need more of in our communities. People helping other people when they are in need, regardless of the situation. I feel this especially applies to all the ladies out there. Instead of giving this mom who was obviously struggling the side eye and whispering about her, these women pitched in and tried to help her out. They don't know her story or that of her son, but they didn't let that hold them back from being amazingly kind human beings.

We have ALL been in tough spots with our kids or, let's face it, even just with ourselves. We've all had little (or big) breakdowns, sometimes in public. We've all been in a place where we really could use the kindness of strangers. I urge you to remember this the next time you are faced with a public situation where your first urge is to judge and avoid. Act instead out of a place of love for your fellow human being. 

I'm far from perfect, but I hope that someday I can be as awesome as Jeris and the other ladies at Target yesterday. Judge less, love more.


  1. Too appropriate. My kid threw a fit today in the grocery store, and it is really hard not to feel embarrassed or judged when something like that happens.

    1. And the weird thing is we've all been there! I want to spread a movement of support for other parents out there! Damn judging!


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