So This is Spring?

It's safe to say that Minnesota missed the memo about spring being sprung. This weekend, on April 20th, we played in the snow, even though there was some evidence that spring was trying to passive aggressively assert itself.

We have planted some seeds in hopes that summer does arrive. We mapped our new garden in the snow and it will be about three times as big as it was last year. I can't wait to get it all planted!

This year has been trying on my patience in more ways than I could ever have imagined. Waiting is not my strong suit and so far that is the theme for 2013. Just wait. Be patient. Have faith. Spring will not come any faster if I am worried or frustrated with Mother Nature. My outdoor to do list is none of her concern. Do I wish I could be out gardening now? Yes, absolutely. Will the world end if I have to wait another few weeks to get it done? Heck no! So I'm working on letting go. My to do list needs to stop running my life and I need to start letting life happen in its own time, since it will anyway. Sometimes I feel as green as the little seedlings below: new, oblivious, naive. How is it that I have figured out so little about this life in my almost three decades on earth?

All things will come in time. So just wait. Be patient. Have faith. Life will unfold exactly as it is meant to. [Repeat]


  1. I live in Texas, and I've forgotten what snow even looks like ;) but we've had a weird spring too! I planted my seedlings outside a couple of weeks ago, and then it got down to like 36 the other nite, and a couple of my herbs died. :| I'm hoping at least this means we won't be in hell this summer.

    1. Minnesota is so unpredictable that way. We may have gotten snow last night, but could still have a blazing hot (though short) summer. I just want it to stay warm enough so we can get the chickens out into the coop! They are not being very nice to the guest bedroom right now.


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