BEST MOVIE EVER - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

One of my favorite movies/musicals growing up was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I can truthfully say that if you don't like this movie then you don't have a soul. Seriously. It is amazing. My young (and adult) self pined away for the dashing Pontipee brothers who lived on a remote farm in the woods of Oregon territory in 1850. They were rough and tumble, yet could sing and dance. They were uncouth from years alone on the farm with their testosterone, but the introduction of the eldest brothers wife teaches them to be more gentlemanly. They have a few missteps along the way (ahem, barn fights and kidnapping) but they reach their happily ever after in the end. It's an old school, feel good musical that will leave you and your kids dancing and singing. Both of my boys LOVE it and I'm glad to not have to watch Planet 51 as often (Jason Long, I am not a fan of you).  

The barn dance scene is by far the best part of the movie but MGM won't allow any of the clips up on YouTube (because people are pirating a 60 year old musical, I know) so I can't share it with you in anything other than these grainy photos I took of my tube TV. 

Caleb's acrobatics are amazing!
Frank (short of Frankincense) is my fave, partially because of his animated facial expressions)
Kick his ass with that arm wrestling limbo Frank! (spoiler: he does)
They win the girls over from the city boys at the end of the song. How cute is Frank?!
This scene was filmed in one take. The choreography was hard to nail as it wasn't dancing.
Woeful Pontipee brothers missing their ladies.
Look at those handsome men! Fun fact: Benjamin (far left) couldn't dance so they strategically hid him in all the dancing scenes. 
If you're looking for something new to watch with your kids, I highly recommend checking this movie out. The songs will get stuck in your head and you will start to try and imitate the dance moves in your living room as you watch. Which is difficult during the scenes where they are dancing with a partner and you're solo. So I've heard. I dare you to watch it and not fall in love.

Tommy Rall, I heart you.

via Masterworks Broadway

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