The Bi-Polarity of Toddler-hood

I can now honestly admit that I had no idea what it was like to have a toddler until the past few weeks. Maybe months. Noah was the mellowest, go with the flow little dude in his toddler days that when people commiserated over the terrible twos I just kept to myself. My toddler was far from terrible. He was straight up amiable. NOW I get it. Now I understand why families with toddlers don't go out to dinner or go shopping during daylight hours. It's too unpredictable, the risk of a meltdown is too high. It goes from zero to nuclear in a nanosecond. 

Here is our current bath time routine. All is well until mama turns off the water. Then all hell breaks loose.

Screams/cries while playing with the faucet. The best part is he hasn't yet figured out how to turn it back on yet.
"Fine, I'll start splashing water all over the entire bathroom and cause mold. Take that!"
"Is she watching? Yeah, she's still watching."
"Recommence epic splashing!"
"I still have her attention. I'm totally winning this one."

What to do while toddler tantrums in tub? Why take bad selfies in the bathroom mirror of course!

"Dammit! She's not paying attention to me anymore! I seem to have lost this one!"
Wash, rinse, repeat. Every bath time. Without fail. Bribes don't even work anymore. I have no idea what I'm going to do long term with a toddler who rarely takes sugary bribes.These are the energy draining moments in my days. They happen in the bathtub, at the grocery store, during diaper changes, the list goes on. I know it's normal. I know it will pass. Sometimes I find it hilarious, many more times it's exhausting. But then he turns it right around and is the sweetest little guy ever.

And then my uterus exploded and there were babies everywhere! I'd take five more just like him in a heartbeat. Also, can we talk about that hair?! My family is notorious for bald babies, but the toddler combover is new. The way the hair on the front of his head flies straight in the air when he runs like a badly glued toupee never ceases to fill my heart with joy. A perk to the tantrums: you end up saving money. Think about it. You eat out less and you run like mad through your errands, not stopping to browse in the want categories. You buy only what you need and get out. You consolidate errands and end up saving on gas.  So maybe these toddler tantrums aren't so bad after all. 


  1. Haha I never saw such a positive side to tantrums, they DO save money! Grocery shopping started happening in about half the time after Penny turned 1.

  2. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Helps that he's such a cutie. There's a book called Children: The Challenge, by Rudolf Dreikurs that I love, you could check out. A friend of mine has a daughter with an intense personality and she was getting really frustrated by the tantrums, so she read this book and apparently it helped a lot. Just a thought


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