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I am on day two of a three day business trip and I have to say, it has been pretty epic. I should have known that from how it started. This is the first trip I've been on where we flew on a company jet instead of commercial. Everyone else on the trip has done in before so I'm the newbie who is trying to contain her excitement over it all. 

The morning we left Minneapolis we had gotten a few inches of snow which delayed some of the other travelers. We had to walk outside briefly to get on to the plane. There were several line guys from the airport flanking our walking path outside. As one of them said "Be careful it's slippery" I proceeded to fall flat on my ass in front of everyone. Before I could even wrap my head around what had happened at least three of the line guys were trying to help me up. One even had his hands under my armpits. My boss was behind me trying not to laugh. It was freaking hilarious. Add to that the fact that we have gotten lost more times than I can count.

We spent yesterday in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. That place is gorgeous! The rolling hills, the farmsteads, the old houses, mountains in the background. We had some time to kill before dinner so we hit up the P. Buckley Moss museum. My mom and grandma love her paintings so I grew up with them all around my house. It was cool to be in the area that inspired her most well known style and also to see the versatility she has in her art. 

Today we are in rural Georgia and tomorrow we'll hit Alabama. Then it's home! It's amazing how quickly the day flies when you're on the road! I've had so little desk time, the emails building up. It's exhausting too, not to mention the hip pain I have from the aforementioned fall. I had an hour alone in a conference room this afternoon and it was so peaceful. Some sunlight was pouring in from the emergency exit so I set up my laptop in front of it and basked in the warm rays. It'll be a few more months before we get that in Minnesota!

I love traveling, I love meeting new people, learning new things, seeing new places. But boy, oh boy, do I miss my family. One more state, one more day. For now, me and my sore hips are off to dinner with the crew. 

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