Holy Chickens Batman!

We made it official by submitting our credit card number: as of March 25th we will be the proud owners of 15 Ameraucana chicks! As I learned through hours of research, the easiest way to get exactly what you want in regards to breeds is to order from a feed store, whose minimum order quantity is 15. My research also shows that chicks go fast on Craigslist, so we'll be posting half of our chicks there for sale. 

Cute story about Craigslist chickens: I responded to 2-3 ads on Craigslist for chicks and they were already gone. Another guy responded that he did still have some available. His signature had his full name and phone number in it and I noticed his last name wasn't common. So my savvy sleuthing self decided to Google him, just because. I've heard about the Craigslist killer, I've seen the Lifetime movie trailers. The first search result link took me directly to his mugshot. He didn't kill anyone, but needless to say I was going to take my chicken business elsewhere.

Once our babies arrive they will live in a brooder in our spare bedroom until they are old enough to move outside. During that time we will build a coop. We haven't decided exactly what we're going to do, but we are looking to start with the shell of a storage shed and build off of there. That way it can be multi-functional and gives our flock room to grow if we decide we want more chickens in the future. 

My aunt has a large flock that we visited last summer. Both of the boys loved playing in the chicken run. 

We are all so excited, Noah's even begun naming them and scheming ways to keep them in his room. I honestly can't believe we're doing it, as it's been on my dream list for awhile. Suburban farming is the life for me!

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