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Every once and a while I get my mom's hand me down magazines. I love to pour through them, skipping the parts about makeup and clothes and focusing in on the parts about finding your best self or stories of people living lives off the beaten path. And the book recommendations. Can't forget those! This week I found quite a few good things!

I can't wait to try this minestrone from the Food Network Magazine! There were so many good recipes in there. A little overwhelming for a non-cook like me.

Redbook recommended MINIMALIST PARENTING: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest, a book that will probably make me uncomfortable as I read it. But I love the concept and want to practice it with our family. In the Health section they talk about the positive affects of houseplants on your home's air quality. We've got a butt load of plants in our house! Their article titled "the 20 best things you can do for your relationship" is spot on. "Keep on growing - apart" (cultivate your own passions), "dream big" (talk about your aspirations), and "get yourself in the mood" (self explanatory) are three that we have learned in our decade together  They seem small but can make a big difference!

Real Simple shared recovering alcoholic Kelly McHugh's story. Addiction awareness is something I am passionate about. Sharing stories like Kelly's help to break the stigmas associated with addiction and alcoholism. She was not a homeless person, but a successful mother of two. Many people in her life weren't even aware she had a problem when she checked herself into Hazelden. But as soon as she became aware she took action and checked herself into treatment. I love that she is completely open with her two boys because alcoholism does find its way down family trees. Children need to be aware of the risks, not sheltered from them. I didn't like the focus on drugs in the small "Treating the Disease" section as I don't believe they are very effective. I think they should be used as a last resort, not something to try early in the recovery process.

O Magazine is one of my favorites. I actually have a subscription thanks to our city's recycling incentives program. There was an allergy survival guide in this month's volume and I found it quite disappointing. It basically recommended taking pharmaceuticals and getting allergy shots. I have done both of those things for years and neither provided any real relief for me. I had my first NAET treatment (see here) last week and am excited to see the results. I can't wait for the day when Eastern medicine is taken more seriously in the Western world.

Martha Stewart Living had a piece on backyard chickens! Martha started keeping her own chickens after visiting a a commercial egg operation. She was disturbed by the treatment of the animals so at that point vowed to always keep her own chickens. She has hundreds of chickens and organic eggs year round. Our chicks arrive tomorrow! Though we may not have eggs until next season (thank you short Minnesota summers) we can't wait to be producing more of our own food supply right in our backyard! Oh, and she also eats the older chickens after they stop laying! We are on the fence on this one. I suppose when you have hundreds versus a handful it's easier to eat one that you didn't have a personal connection to. 

Lastly is a wicked awesome magazine that my mom picked up somewhere called Folk: Live Authentic. The magazine describes itself as "part lifestyle, part editorial, all heart." The pieces are all about real people, their real lives, and their real homes. The photos are from photo shoot sets, but from real people's homes. It showcases bloggers, businesses, artists. To me it has an earthy business feel, if that makes any sense. It advertises small business' that I would actually like to help support. Check it out for yourself! The spring issue has left me yearning for rolling green hills and sheep of my own! 

What good magazine articles have you found lately? Is it spring where you are yet? {We got what was hopefully our last dusting of snow this morning}

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  1. Anonymous3/24/2013

    Keeping my own chickens for eggs is an intriguing idea. I like the idea, but at this point in my life, I could not do it. But I don't know if I could EVER eat one of my chickens. I certainly don't have a problem with other people eating their chickens, I just don't think I could do it. I know myself, those chickens would feel like my pets day one. :(

  2. Part of me thinks it's stupid not to eat them and another part is not interested in the least. We'll see what happens when we get to that bridge!


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