And Then There Were ... Twenty-Four

We started today with four humans, two cats, and a dog. We ended it with that plus 17 chicks. Yep, that's right. There are 24 beings living in our home. We may have gone off the deep end. 

They are a teeming mass of cute fluffiness and peeps. We are all head over heels.

And this one, well, she's our favorite. She's the whitest and fluffiest out of the bunch and there's just something about her. She is too sweet.

Our brood of twenty-four will be pared back this week as we sell half of the flock. We never intended to keep all 15 we ordered (and 17 we received), but it will be sad to see some go.  My almost seven year old has found his niche. He was singing them "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" earlier and my heart exploded. He's going to be an amazing chicken dad.


  1. aww these are so sweet!
    lovely blog you have :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shayla! The little ladies are getting huge already!

      Also, I love Kerouac too. I have yet to read all of his work, but I love what I've read. The book written by Joyce Johnson about their time together was great too. I'm definitely a beat at heart! :)


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