What I Read - January

I love writing these posts monthly now and being able to look back on the books I've read in the past few weeks. Books are my kryptonite, but at the same time they help keep me sane. I love to get lost in them, especially on my commutes! Here's what I read in January:

This was a cute story about a girl and her owl. Stacey received Wesley not really knowing what to expect and they spent the next 19 years together. You'll learn a lot about owls and a little about love. [Stacey is a biologist by trade, so the book drags a little in some parts, but a fun read nonetheless.]

I was a little behind picking up this one, but I'm glad I did. Murder mysteries/thrillers aren't usually my cup of tea but I couldn't put this one down. Flynn did a great job keeping you guessing but tied up enough loose ends by the end of the book that you didn't feel there was anything missing. That being said, the ending made me feel uncomfortable, but uncomfortable in a good way, if that makes sense.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. It is everything I want to do and more. It's a great book if you want to explore [sub]urban farming as it frames up a lot of different options, but doesn't go into too many details. Also, their motto is "try it before you buy it". Before you invest a ton of money in any of the ventures, try it out on the cheap first, work out the kinks, see if it sticks, then invest if you need to. Our spring will be spent turning our almost acre lot into an almost farm! [No goats and no bees for us though. YET. A girl can dream, right?]

Kerem is one of the first people I followed on Tumblr when I first started blogging. He's an amazing writer and this work of YA fiction reminds me of Stephen Chbosky's Charlie in the Perks of Being a Wallflower. His style of writing is like seeing right into the characters mind. I can't wait to read his other two works and everything he publishes in the future. It's only $0.99 on your Kindle, check it out and support a new author!

The Feminine Mystique has been on my bookshelf since high school. I bought it as recommended summer reading for advanced lit and never picked it up. I'm glad I waited until now because I know I appreciate it more now as a working mother than I could have then. I am only on page 164 of the smallest print book I've ever read, but reading about women's history in the U.S. and realizing how much has changed in the past 50 years is amazing. Friedan's book started a movement that allowed me the freedom to choose college, to choose marriage, to choose children, to choose a career, without society telling me I'm wrong or defective. Reading the book that helped fuel this movement feels like reading a living piece of history. It's pretty damn cool. The content is very interesting, but it is a slow read, so I'm picking it up here and there while I read other things. I am so thankful Friedan wrote this book. [Now us ladies need to remember not to be our own worst enemies. Ahem.] [Sidenote: this book is a part of a 50th anniversary giveaway on GoodReads if you're interested!]

If you're obsessed with books like me, friend me on GoodReads! If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share! I love getting new leads on books. Happy reading!

[Disclaimer: If you click on the above Amazon links and purchase anything I receive a small commission from Amazon. Like a few cents. Buying from Amazon is awesome, but your local library is pretty cool too.]


  1. Hi! It's me, Alex! You should bring Gone Girl to book club, I'd be interested in reading it.

    Also, I have a blog now, if you want to be blog buddies :) http://wildbluealex.wordpress.com/

    1. ALEX! 1) Yes, blog buddies!!! 2) I will definitely bring it. We should work book swapping into the book club as well. Save everyone a little bit of cash and waits at the library.

    2. That's totally what I was thinking...or really to be honest I was just thinking you could be my own personal library. Let's not kid ourselves.

  2. Kudos to you! I'm trying to read in bits and pieces in between taking care of my kiddos and it's so. dang. hard. I end up doing a lot of toilet reading, heh.

    1. Hi Christa! I snatch up my reading where I can get it too. I have a long-ish commute (depending on which bus I take) so sometimes I have 2 hours a day no a bus to read. I also basically do nothing else for fun, other than family fun. TV, sewing, whatever takes a back seat to a good book!


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