Weekenders - Wisconsin Dells Edition

This past weekend we trekked down to Wisconsin Dells for a trip filled with chlorine, screaming children, and family fun. 

Grandma and grandpa fun!
Jacuzzis are like mini-water parks with mini-people. [These two were beat by this point in the evening]
The gorgeous mountains of Wisconsin.
It was a long ride home.

We stayed at the Chula Vista Resort and didn't have to leave the building once!  Mini roadtrips with the family are always a blast, especially ones where you can live in flannel pants. And check out my man's hockey hair. Me-ow! While we were there I got hooked on this game called Happy Street on my mom's phone. I'm so obsessed I tried to download it to Noah's Meep tablet but it doesn't work. I'm actually thankful as now I won't waste hours on it.

All in all we had a great weekend away. I really need to take three day weekends more often. It was nice to be out of service for a few days.

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