It Begins

I came home from work early tonight so Brent could run to a meeting and I caught the perfect winter evening light. We've spent the past few weeks playing with seeds and we already have lots of little green babies! Herbs and sunflowers currently, the sunflower seeds from the plants we grew last year. Who knows if they will survive long enough for us to plant them once the ground thaws in May, but we don't really care. In a few more weeks we'll start planting lots more, taking over the guest bedroom to keep the cats away. In the meantime we're saving old yogurt and milk containers for planters, to nurture the first weeks of life of our little seeds.

[We still have quite a bit of snow, so the green is a welcome sight in these parts.]



  1. oh man, this makes me so excited for spring.

    1. Ugh, it's a sickness, made all the worse by living so far north! Our house is slowly becoming a giant greenhouse as we yearn for spring!


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