This weekend I did some reclaiming of our bedroom. It had gotten a little out of hand with piles of junk on every bare surface. The best part is I basically just hung up everything that has been laying around forever, so I didn't have to buy anything new!

Brent bought me those figurines during each of my pregnancies. Love them.
Thrifted photo frames just waiting to be filled with 1940's-esque photos of us.
I FINALLY started the photo wall I've been planning for the past three or so years. These frames we sitting in my closet or in the basement.
Sculptures and wedding photos and jewelry boxes, oh my!
A few of my favorite old books. Lucked out with most of them on BookMooch.
I adore this child and his new found love for the camera. He is not the ham that Noah was.
My heart. When did he get so big?!
36 hour business trip and so glad to be home. Also, tired eyes and the Kiss.


  1. It might be cool to put silhouettes of you and Brent or the kids in those empty vintage frames.

    1. We love the idea of silhouettes or black and white head shots of us.

  2. Ezra looks so big! He is adorable. I love those figurines Brent got you. They're so sweet.

    1. Ez is getting so big! I swear sometimes I look at him and see zero traces of my baby. 20 months and growing!


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