He's Getting Too Big

On nights where loneliness pervades his six year old soul, I let him fall asleep in our bed. I promise to check on him in five minutes, both of us fully knowing he will be asleep by then. Still, we play along.

When the time comes to move him I pause next to his sleeping body. Not only is it still so calming to watch him sleep, but I have to strategize the best way to lift him up and carry him to his room. He's taller and heavier than he's ever been and I'd hate for his head or foot to hit the door frame. But it's quite obvious: he's getting too big.

Moments like these remind me that he won't be small for long. He won't think I'm the world's greatest mom forever and want endless snuggles at any time. I have to remind myself of this when other pieces of my life pull me away from him. Each snuggle I sacrifice is one closer to the day he no longer wants to be so close. 

I'm ok with him growing up, becoming a teenager, a man. But not just yet, not right now. 

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  1. Oh, how I relate to your hesitation to let go! My last one left home this year, and believe me, dear one, I am still not ready. He is a sweet little one! Over via Just write!
    Much love

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mia! I can't imagine the college years yet, but I know we'll be there soon enough. As for now, I'm stealing snuggles while I still can!


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