[somewhat] Unrequited Love

It's just a phase. It's just a phase. It's just a phase.

A recent mantra of mine. Because my little baby is a daddy's boy. Through and through.
He currently prefers the company of his papa over mine for most everything. This is great in the sense that they are the dynamic duo all day everyday, but it can weigh on this working mama's heart. He's thrilled when I walk in the door every evening, but if he's needy in the slightest, only papa can make him happy. 

I know it's just a phase. I know it's a good thing with Brent being a stay at home dad. I know that Ezra loves me too. But sometimes I can't help but feel bummed.

[cue Love Stinks here]

This is who he is in this moment. He will not be a baby forever. So I'm soaking it in, every piece, good and bad. Because someday he'll be a big boy and actually smile for the camera. Then all I will have are these little reminders of who he was. I'm ok with playing second fiddle, for now.

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