Listen To Your Mother

I am a master of procrastination. I like the thrill of having a tight deadline. Sometimes. And sometimes I curse myself for waiting until the last minute. [Billy the Exterminator birthday party theme? Sure, why not? :::weekend before party::: Holy shit! The Billy wig alone is $35. And a t-shirt and studded jewelry?! Do I look like I'm made of money?! Screw you internet!] To an extent as a parent, things come up. You're busy, you get distracted, you're exhausted. You begin to wonder how the miracle of childbirth killed your steel trap of a memory.

Last year I heard about Listen To Your Mother and was bummed I couldn't attend. This year I found out the Twin Cities is hosting a show. My first thought was "OMG, that sounds terrifying" and my second thought was "OMG I have to submit a story." 2013 is all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, even if the thought is slightly nauseating.

To get an idea of what the stories were like I listened to a million of last year's stories. A few of my favorites:

June Saavedra reading "Secret Life of Moms"

Diverse women. Diverse stories. All about being a mother or being mothered. Pretty damn cool way to celebrate Mother's Day.

I think I know what to write about, but I'm not 100% sure. So I'm waiting. Or procrastinating. Whatever you want to call it. Either way, I have not yet put a word to paper and the deadline is 2/15. I'm sure I'll spend a lot more time procrastinating, because that's how I roll. But it'll get done. It always does.

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  1. Listen to your Mother, DO IT!!!!! Love you!


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