10 Things You May Not Know [About Me]

I saw this over on the lovely Amanda's blog and needed a break from writing my annual review. So here we go folks!

  1. Early in elementary school I was on a huge feminist kick (story for another post) and wanted to be the first female president. Basically for a few years I was a young Leslie Knope.
  1. I went through a phase in high school where I only wore boys jeans. With boxers (and my own underwear too). I don't know why. I just wanted to. So I did. [My mentality about wearing what I want to just because hasn't changed.]
  1. I met my husband as a set up and the first thing I loved about him was his calves. It was the first part of him I ever laid eyes on. And I can still picture them to this day. Yum.
  1. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life, except for the 10 months I lived in Seattle senior year of college. [UDub is my alma mater. Go Huskies!].
  1. I was engaged at 19, college grad, newlywed, and career woman at 20, mama at 21. It was an eventful few years.
  1. I'm fairly certain if I were given access to the right political avenues I could steer our nation's poor out of the extreme poverty they are currently in, without costing taxpayers a dime more than they pay now. [Cocky sociology major in me]
  1. At 16 years old I was decided (in a completely happy way) that I would remain single, become an anthropologist or archaeologist and spend my days travelling the world discovering new things about different cultures and writing books. I would find a suitable companion when I was in my 30s/40s and we would travel together and not cramp each other's style and live happily ever after. Little did I know I would meet my husband the following year and throw those plans out the window.
  1. I prefer not wearing shoes if I can get away with it. My coworkers can attest to that.
  1. I was supposed to go on an archaeological dig on Easter Island the summer before my wedding but cancelled last minute for various reasons. I ended up conceiving my eldest during the time I would've been out of the country. I'd say I definitely made the right call.
  1. I am not the most well traveled person, but the Pacific Northwest is my favorite part of the world I have seen so far. We'd live there in a heartbeat, but we love the fact that our boys are growing up with all of their grandparents close by. 

[Wreck Beach, Vancouver, B.C. circa 2003]

Feel free to link your own 10 things in the comments below! I love learning the little offbeat pieces of other people.


  1. Love this! Laughed so much at number two just picturing you wearing that! Hahah.

  2. Okay, confession: I've been slowly making my way through your posts in backwards order (I'm in November 2012 now) since discovering your blog a little while ago. You don't have an email linked, so I'll comment here instead - love this post! I'm a MN girl myself (grew up in Bloomington) and you sound like someone I wish I had known in high school. :) Here's a random facts post I did about a year ago: http://shealwayslovedlarking.blogspot.com/2012/01/different-kind-of-friday-roundup.html

    1. Thanks for saying hi Courtney! I love your blog (books and babies, be still my heart!)! Hope your move was/is going well!


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