The Plague

I don't do sick well. Especially when it lasts for over a week. And counting.

I haven't been able to focus on work, so my to-do list is a mile long. I've hardly read at all the past week, opting instead for the mindlessness that is Gossip Girl, a show I'd never seen before the Plague set in. And now, of course, I'm hooked on this crap. Evil Michelle Trachtenberg? I'm in love.

Christmas was amazing in every other way, but for this cloud that followed me everywhere. I suck at sitting still, laying on the couch, wasting the days away. DAYS and DAYS and DAYS. And I haven't barfed once. I feel like that at least makes it a legit illness. I just have every other cold/flu symptom known to man. 

How do you get away with being sick when you have kids? It was so much easier before when I could just wallow in it. Now sickness comes with a thick layer of guilt over all that I'm missing out on. New words, new jokes, more giggles.

Back to work today after my five day sickness hibernation vacation. But it's only two work days until the weekend. Maybe a health-filled weekend with lots of cleaning, reading, and loving on my family? Until then, I will let chaos reign.

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