Simple Christmas

This year we're doing Christmas smaller. And I'm not going to lie, it feels kind of weird.

 {Greg Heffley always feels weird. We're two peas.}

But I'm ok with that. Our boys get spoiled by their grandparents, being the only grandkids on both sides. There is very little they need. Also, our Christmas budget isn't exactly astronomical and our house is already full of toys, so we try to keep it simple.

And honestly, Noah is so enthusiastic for every gift he receives, even clothes and Ezra has no interest in opening presents. This year we pared it down to four gifts each. Two for Brent and I. So tomorrow morning will be weird, but good. I'm hoping to do this every year. Less stress and less junk!

Noah's gift to us from school was AWESOME:

Santa comes tonight through our little gas fireplace. Oh, and so is the tooth fairy. It's a big night at our place. I'm providing the vodka. Oh, and I'm sick. Hoping for a Christmas miracle cure. Maybe the vodka?

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