King of Half Finished Projects

Noah is the King of Half Finished Projects. His mind is always jumping from one activity to the next, there's never time to finish! He's already 8 steps ahead! Our kitchen is a testament to this:

[It's all a work in progress. WE'RE all a work in progress. Also, I purge these shelves at least once a month]
Tonight we made a treat to bring to the Tae Kwon Do Christmas party tomorrow night and it inspired him to make his own creations. He also wanted me to tape him creating his first masterpiece:

I adore his spunk and his curiosity. Not going to lie, it can be exhausting. But I love that we get to spend these years with him. He's already six. Pretty soon he's going to stop telling us his secrets and taking us along on his adventures. I may drag my feet on certain days, but I'm still glad to go along for the ride.

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