Just Dance 4! [Sponsored Post]

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please visit Amazon.com to get your own copy of Just Dance 4, today’s Gold Box Deal of the Day! I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

It goes without saying that we are a family of dancing fools. Last year Noah got a Wii for Christmas from his grandparents and I made sure they got the version with Just Dance 3 in the bundle. I knew not only Noah would love it, but I would too. And hey, if I sweated off a few of the post baby #2 lbs in the process, well, added bonus!

Just Dance is one of our favorite family games, being one of the few we can all do together. Noah's favorite song is "This is Halloween" (which he plays over and over and over and over) and mine is "California Gurls". And "Forget You" and "Promiscuous Girl" and "Take On Me". JD4 has even more classic songs like "Final Countdown" and "Beauty and the Beat". I can't wait to party like it's 3012 tonight. [Like I don't already do that every night]

Minnesota winters mean being cooped up for months at a time. We all get a bit stir crazy not being able to burn our energy off outside on negative windchill days. JD gets us up off our grumpy winter butts and giggling as we strut our stuff. Except for Noah. He takes his dancing pretty seriously. As do all six year olds. Right? Ezra is our resident b-boy, bustin' a move on the floor any time he hears music. He also likes to stand in between my legs when I dance or be in my arms. I have mastered the one arm Just Dance moves.

If you are in need of a great gift for someone who has a Wii this holiday season, I highly recommend getting them Just Dance 4 (or 3 or 2 or Just Dance Kids). The games are super fun to play with your kids or with your friends. [Disclaimer: there are awkward Facebook photos out there of me playing Just Dance with friends. Only awkward because my dancing is such. And by awkward I do mean awesome.] So go check it out! The price is right on Amazon today, so grab one!

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