Attitude of Gratitude

[Let it be known: I can't write about Newtown. I am the mother of a first grader. I just...can't. That said we do need to change the political and cultural state of mental illness in this country.]

The path my life has taken the past few years has taught me a lot about having an attitude of gratitude. This is something I reflect on often, as in many times a day. It is a coping mechanism I have evolved to help me focus on the positive when life is doing it's best to get me down. I acknowledge the bad, then make a conscious decision to dwell on the good. Because there is always good. Somewhere.

So here are some little things that I am oh so grateful for:

  • This book (Christmas gift from Brent) and what it means for our spring/summer:
  • Terry and his (or her) delicious chocolate oranges.
  • The joy of stringing colorful Christmas lights on which ALL (not 50%) of the lights glow.
  • Bedtime talks with my chatty, sleep procrastinating six year old.
  • Waking up on the weekends to toddler babble (yelling really) instead of my alarm.
  • Having the confidence in myself to set boundaries with others and stick to them. [If your boots are made for walking, they can walk right out that door]
  • New glasses and contacts to better correct my astigmatism. Can't wait until the glasses come in! Librarian for lyfe!
What are you grateful for? If it's a person in your life, have you told them?

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