2012: A Recap in Pictures

Here's a pictorial recap of 2012 by month. Bring it on 2013. You've got big shoes to fill.

Jack's Mannequin @ First Avenue. I so rarely go to shows anymore and I have been listening to Andrew's music since high school. I can't wait to see what his newest musical venture brings!

I began my love affair with acupuncture. Hello needles, goodbye migraines (after a few months of treatments)!

Family photo!

NPA turned SIX! He lucked out and we spent the week before in Florida. He visited Disney World for the first time too!

The inaugural year of the vegetable garden began! [We are SO antsy for next years season to start!]

Ezra turned one! His early birthday surprise was walking at 11 months.

[Not so] Lazy summer days at the grandparents pool.

West Coast camping roadtrip! Sacramento to Seattle. Nothing beats camping on the ocean!

First day of first grade. Ezra was a bit emotional about the whole affair.
We spent a day at the Anderson family farm! [It was at this point we got the fancy camera. Many of the above were from my camera phone.]

I adore siblings. We had fun Thanksgiving morning before the major cold snap. Also, neither of these boys like photos anymore, so most of the ones I catch of them are faceless. You'll have to take my word for it, they're still gorgeous.

With the snow of December came a new family business venture. Taking risks for the first time in awhile! Feels good!

Cheers 2012.

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