The Gap

The gap = $6,890

The Fundraiser I started a few weeks ago for Nathan? That’s how much more before we reach our goal. 35 days left.

We’ve raised $3,110 so far, some of which Erin has already been able to use to pay off some bills. That is $3,110 she no longer has hanging over her head. That is awesome, right? Right?

Ugh, it should be. But all my brain keeps telling me as we are stalling at 31% is FAILURE! Not good enough. Do better. Why bother setting a goal you can’t reach? EPIC FAIL, dumbass.

I KNEW setting a goal of $10,000 was a stretch. I KNEW that it was risky, but what did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing. And that all remains the same, yet the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to accept that.

But I am learning. $3,110 is nothing to turn your nose at. It’s money that Erin and Paul no longer have hanging over their head. Whether or not the goal is met, it is a success. I did not fail at this. Get over it brain, I am crushing this. That gap? Fuck it. It doesn’t matter in the end. I nailed it.

Also, Erin was awesome enough to go see Gary Spivey with me this spring. I highly doubt she’ll be disappointed in my fundraising efforts. She’s much more likely to be disappointed in the stupid events I drag her to.

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