Telling My Story

Lately I have been working on telling my story. This may be somewhat shocking as, hey, I'm a blogger! But it's true. The past few years of my life have been a roller-coaster and have shaped me in ways I had never dreamed. They have tested me and blessed me. To be honest, my adult life could easily make a hit Lifetime made-for-tv movie. [Eat your heart out ladies!]

It's hard for me to know which parts of my story to share and which parts to hold close. All of it has made me into the person I am today, so all of it is important. But that doesn't mean all of it needs to be shared. I spent so many years hiding the truth from those closest to me that it's hard bringing it to light now. Hard yet necessary. Sometimes it will hit me when I'm driving, like a flashback, playing before my eyes like a rerun of Teen Mom. Luckily I'm never stuck there for long, but it's clear I need to let some of it out. And I've learned that sharing my story can help others.

My husband has been sober for a while now and I struggle with the words to describe just what that means to me. Watching your best friend slowly kill themselves is one of the most painful things a person can endure. To have that weight lifted is beyond measure. To know that today he is choosing sobriety, he is choosing us, he is choosing life fills me to overflowing. He is a strong man and through his addiction we have become strong separate and together. We've had to fight for each other and not a second goes by that I'm not glad we did.

I don't think he'll ever fully understand how his addiction affected me, nor I how it affected him, but I do hope he understands how insanely proud of him I am everyday and how blessed I am to call him mine.

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