Libraries are for Lovers

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I only recently re-discovered the library as an adult. We’ve always gone off and on for the kids, but I never would look for anything for myself. I am a book hoarder, so I’d much prefer to buy than borrow. However, when we moved 2 years ago the used book store went from 7 minutes away to 27 minutes away. A much bigger hassle. [Sidenote: have you ever tried to wrangle two kids at the bookstore? It makes for brief visits.]

Not only am I saving money by borrowing, I have a running list saved on the library site of books I want to request in the future! I’ve had one of these on Amazon for years, but I so rarely buy new that they just sit there until I run across them used. Needless to say some books have been on there for 5+ years still unread by me.

Here are a few of the books on my soon to be borrowed list:

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins

Always a sucker for books about the underdog, especially non-fiction about geeks or nerds! Sprinkle with some psychology and I’m sold. They compare it to the show Freaks and Geeks, which is one of my favorites. Bring it nerdom!

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Kate Morton has been on my list of authors to read for far too long. This book mixes mystery, romance, self-discovery in an “enchanting” way. I anticipate reading it and then immediately adding more Kate Morton books to my list.

This book is a critique of the current trends in motherhood. As a working mother I struggle with balance on a daily basis (as do ALL mothers). I have been reading and researching more to look at different perspectives and try and find what balance means to me. I feel pressure from all sides as a mother, so I need to take time to prioritize my own life in my own way. I may or may not agree with what the book is about. I won’t know until I read it.

I just finished the Four Ms. Bradwells by Meg Waite Clayton. It was the perfect blend of mystery and coming of age. I’m not a huge mystery reader but Clayton did a great job of blending past and present in the book without losing the reader. She also threw in some good a-ha moments towards the end that really brought the book together and also left a few loose ends for you to come to your own conclusions. Definitely recommend it!

I love the library!

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