The Biggest

This kid is wise beyond his years. At times frustratingly so. He is steadfast in his convictions but the first to dole out hugs. In his world a hug bridges all gaps.

In Kindergarten he was identified as gifted, which came as no surprise to us. He basically came out of the womb speaking full sentences with perfect enunciation. This is a challenge we were prepared for (as best we could be) and was a huge factor in deciding which school district to move to a few years ago. Still it has been tough. His logical ability far surpasses his emotional maturity. We’ll get there though.

He is a problem solver, a snuggler, a drawer, a smartass, a lover of Minecraft, a Lego fiend, and a chronic loser of his glasses. He is always eager for whatever awaits just past the horizon, unless, of course, it’s homework. He spends more time whining about it than it actually takes him to complete it. As exhausting as he can be, there is no way I could love this big dude any more than I currently do.

Also, just so I can document this for him, he is on the fence about college. He doesn’t want to leave home, so he’s considering living at home while he goes to school. Yeah, we have deep conversations at bedtime. We’ll see what he says in 11 years.

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