Why I'm Voting No

I have thought long and hard about how to put all of this down in words, because sometimes the things in my heart are hard to translate. This is one of the few political issues that I will take a stand on. Not only does voting yes on this amendment label homosexuals as second class citizens, it harshly violates the First Amendment.

If you are arguing that God created marriage for one woman and one man, that’s great for you! But there are a lot of United States citizens that are not Christian, so that argument doesn’t hold water in the land of politics. There is a reason for the separation of church and state. The colonists fled Britain to have religious freedom, not have the rights of certain people taken away by religion. I am a Christian that attends a church where the pastor does not believe that his religious beliefs should dictate the law. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of Christianity knows that Jesus hung out with the outcasts, sought them out, but did not judge, did not condemn, only loved. Why is that so lost in this debate???

Where is compassion for your fellow human? Where is the love? Why is this such a big deal if it does not affect you in the slightest? Allowing gay marriage will open the floodgates for….nothing. There will be no ill affects of this. Our country’s divorce rate hovers around 50% year after year. The so called “sanctity” of marriage fails half the time already anyway.

My marriage and family are the two things I am most proud of in my life, because we have fought for them. We’ve worked hard for them. It’s awesome being married to my best friend. Not only do we get to enjoy each other’s company, but we also have a laundry list of marriage benefits we don’t have to think twice about. If something were to happen to one of us we know that everything will default to the other. Homosexual couples don’t have that safety net. Voting yes will deny them those rights. And that’s just plain wrong.

If either of my sons are gay, I would want them to live in a world where not only are they wholly accepted for who they are, but they are allowed to marry whomever they choose. Because love is an amazingly wonderful thing, that if you are blessed enough to find it in your lifetime you shouldn’t let it go. You should (eventually) put a ring on it.

So those are some of the reasons I will be voting no on November 6th. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beautiful and obnoxious thing that we call marriage. I believe in God, but most of all I believe in love.

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