This weekend we headed out West to visit Brent’s family’s farm. It was gray and blustery, but fun was had by all.

The steeple behind Ezra used to be on the barn. The barn long ago met its demise due to the Minnesota elements.

The homestead where Brent’s grandfather was born and raised is surrounded by fields and a few hog barns. Both boys loved being able to run around and explore, especially when ATVs were involved.

Noah’s highlight: shooting his first BB gun!

He was super attentive and behaved perfectly, a must for being around firearms. We were ever the proud parents and told him so on the ride home.

Sunday we had a visit from my grandparents and parents and just enjoyed the absolutely ridiculously gorgeous weather.

Fields, guns, and bonfires, oh my! We are definitely a farm family! I stayed up WAY too late last night looking at farms for sale. THEN, I looked for available acreage and custom builders and farmhouse plans. A girl can dream right?

[The weekend also included yardwork and grout, but I decided not to add any gratuitous photos of that. I can’t stand to lose the pictorial reputation of “She’s got her shit together all the time”. Also, got a telephoto lens from dad this weekend, so lots more photography experimentation.]

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