Ramble On

Why is it that as soon as I open a new text post all possible ideas fly out of my mind like bats out of hell?

[Goes to clean up mess dog just made and reheat leftovers for dinner at 9:06 pm]

Ok, where was I? Mmmm. This leftover white chicken chili is amazing. So, waking up before 6 am has left my brain scrambled by evening. A lot of changes happening at work too, have left my head spinning.

Also, I have been contacting people like a madwoman getting Nathan’s Fundraiser going. We are already at an incredible $1815 dollars, 18% to our goal! It has been awesome to see the support pour in! Did you know you can donate via paypal and do so anonymously??? Pretty slick!

Life is busy. Life is good. Date night on Thursday. W00t! Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go eat my white chicken chili in a hot bath, because who has time to do both separately?

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