Help Nathan Kick Evans Syndromes Booty!

I want to share a link and a story. The link is to a fundraiser to help cover the medical costs of a little boy that I know. The story is of his family. It starts with this little guy, Nathan:


A year ago I started a new job the same day as a wonderful mama named Erin. We’ve spent the past year getting to know each other pretty deeply and I’d have to say we’re pretty tight now. If she didn’t live on the opposite side of the metro, we’d hang out on the regular. She’s the shit, no lie.

Erin has an almost three year old son named Nathan. He is your average little dude: loves the movie Cars, can’t get enough Wild hockey, and his dog Riley is his bestie. He is stubborn and independent, average 2-3 year old shenanigans. Also, he has the cutest little voice that Erin doesn’t do justice when she imitates him at work.

At 11 months old Nathan started showing some symptoms of a blood disorder, but was not fully diagnosed with Evans Syndrome until a year later. Evans Syndrome is a rare blood disorder that causes his body to attack his red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. At almost three years old Nathan has spent countless days in the hospital receiving blood transfusions and IV medications in the hopes that they will stabilize all three blood cell counts and keep him from becoming sick.

This translates into a roller-coaster ride for Paul and Erin. A normal bump to the head for a toddler means an ER visit to be sure his counts are high enough to heal from it. A simple ear infection can last for weeks on end, even after ear tubes. Nathan’s immune system is suppressed by the medications he’s on, causing him to be susceptible to any and all illnesses that cross his path.

It is a TERRIFYING place to be in as a parent, to have a sick child, one whose illness isn’t always manifested in easily seen physical symptoms. To go to bed at night wondering what your child’s future holds, how long it will be. And to be buried under a mountain of medical bills with no end in sight. It’s enough to make anyone want to stay in bed curled up in the fetal position every day.

But Erin is one tough cookie. She has kept it together in situations where I would’ve fallen into a hopeless depression. She has been a huge inspiration to me on a daily basis. I am proud to call her my friend.

So here’s the deal. There isn’t a whole heck of a lot I can do for Erin to help with Nathan’s sickness or help her day to day since we live far apart. But one thing I can do is start a fundraiser to try and help alleviate the financial burden of their medical bills for Nathan. It’s the least I can do for a family who should be enjoying every moment with their son, not worrying about which medical bill to pay now and which to defer.

I’m asking for your help. I know many of us out there are strapped financially, but even a $5 donation would go a long way. If enough people donate $5 or $10 we can reach our goal of $10,000 in a heartbeat. If you don’t have the money, then please donate your influence. Reblog this. Share the link to the external site with anyone and everyone. I truly believe that there is a lot of good in the world and I hope to continue to share that in ways like this.

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