Date Night!

We had fun last night, just the two of us. Had dinner at a mediocre Mexican restaurant [I am DETERMINED to find a good Mexican restaurant in the ‘burbs] and then just enjoyed each other’s company.

I just realized my weekend to-do list is a million miles long:
  • Find a Halloween costume
  • Learn all there is to know about blog design and HTML coding
  • Finish the two books I’m reading
  • Visit the family farm [all day Saturday]
  • Hang out with my grandparents who are in town [most of Sunday]
  • Work on my (lack of) photography skills
  • Love on my boys
  • Potentially play Settlers of Catan Sunday night
  • Continue fall yard clean up, the neverending chore
I love the busy-ness that family life can bring. I love that I get to enjoy all of these things with the two little souls we brought into this world, and my best friend of course! Onward towards the weekend! May the stress not overwhelm you as you tackle your own to-do wish lists!

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