An Open Letter to Makeup

I don’t get makeup. There, I said it. I just don’t get it. At all. That female part of my brain is most definitely missing.  I have finally come to terms in my late twenties that I will never be a girl who “gets” makeup. And I’m ok with that.

I grew up a tomboy. And a nerd. I was more interested in building a fort in the woods or reading a book than I was in anything “girly”. That carried over into my high school and college years as well. I was just as boy crazy as any other girl (reading my childhood journals is MORTIFYING) but was never interested in getting dolled up for attention. In fact my shyness gave me all the more reason NOT to do it. God forbid I’d attract attention. I’d have no clue what to do with it. I didn’t figure out how to deal with that until alcohol became a social lubricant in college. Those are stories for another day.

By the time I became slightly interested in makeup I realized that it was kind of too late. I was probably about 23 when it struck me as something I may want to try regularly. But by that time I had been married for three years, had a two year old, a mortgage, and a demanding job. I had little money to invest in makeup (which is really fucking expensive, pardon my French) and little time to devote to it. That and the fact that many of my good friends are guys. They’re not exactly great at giving makeup tips.

This is super lame to admit, but in high school I was actually really adamant about not wanting to use my appearance to attract guys. In my oh-so-mature little high school mind I didn’t want any guy that was attracted to me solely for the fact that I wore the right thing and had the right kind of hairdo. I wanted to dress in what I found comfy, which included oversized hoodies and PacSun t-shirts. [Both of which I would wear to this day if my work dress code allowed it]. It’s funny to think back on how passionate I was about this point.

Well, everything worked out for me in the end. I dated a few guys in college, sans makeup.  I was dressed in the most ridiculous outfit the night I met my husband, without a smear of makeup and that one worked out pretty damn well. So I am laying this internal conversation to rest. I will never be a makeup girl and that is just fine by me.

[The last time I wore full makeup: my wedding day 7+ years ago]

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