The Last Harvest

Last night was a perfect fall evening for harvesting (almost) the last of our vegetables: CARROTS! These were a first this year for us, so we had no idea what to expect. We got carrots of ALL sizes!

The boys all had a blast digging them up.

The sky was gorgeous last night too, one of my favorite parts of fall.

We have so many ideas for next years garden!

  • Double in size.
  • Give EVERYTHING more space.
  • Tomatoes in pots to keep from over-watering.
  • More veggies! Onions, garlic, cukes, MORE!
  • String the beans/peas on poles.
  • New irrigation technique (either PVC piping or mounting a sprinkler on a 4x4 in the middle of the garden)

Eventually I’d love to build it wooden fence posts as a more permanent structure, but we should probably wait to see how big it ends up getting over time. The boys harvested sunflower seeds tonight too and have big dreams of a field of sunflowers. I am still dreaming of spring chicks too! Can’t wait to see what next spring holds!

[One last adorable shot of my baby!]

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