Road Trip Recap - CA, OR, WA

We have been looking forward to this adult only vacation FOREVER. Being an old married couple with two kids and two full time jobs, six days of unplanned roadtripping and camping sounded like heaven! We planned nothing but our flights and it was glorious! So glorious I continually forgot what day of the week it was.

Last week we drove from Redding to Seattle via The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway (101). Nearly 800 miles of Pacific Northwest Ocean driving. It was AMAZING!

We stayed with some friends in Redding the first two nights before hitting the open road to camp on the ocean [yes we flew halfway across the country with [minimal] camping gear]. While there we did some flip flop mountain hiking (3 miles to be exact) in Whiskeytown.
While I don’t recommend bringing your flip flops mountain hiking, I do recommend stopping at Whiskeytown Lake and saying hi to the old Glory Hole. Yep, there is a giant concrete hole in the lake dubbed the “Glory Hole.” Probably not so glorious if you fell in it.
Once we hit the road we headed west toward the redwood forests and found this awesome campsite that wove miles through Ferngully. After six miles in the dense woods you emerge onto the beach. Redwoods and ferns galore! I may have drooled on that drive in and out. The sunrise over the bluff was pretty awesome.
That morning we headed North into Oregon where we spent the next two nights. More gorgeous beaches…
…Cannon Beach was my favorite…
… and we went to the Goonies house in Astoria!
We camped nearby on our last night, so how could we not say hi to Chunk in between thrifting and eating. Astoria was a really fun port town, however, the 3 am fog horns were a bit distracting. That and the nighttime logging operation that was happening near our campsite. It was definitely another Ferngully moment, where the huge dark cloud of smoke is loudly moving towards the heart of the forest. Only it wasn't actually getting closer, it only sounded that way to me from time to time.

We spent our last few hours before the flight exploring our old haunts in Seattle, including the first apartment we ever shared.
Those three windows on the first floor were ours. It is so crazy to think that it’s almost been 8 years since we rented that place out. Our time there was short, but it made a lasting mark even the same.

This trip was symbolic of many things, many milestones in our relationship. This past June was our 10 year of being together, in a few days our 7th wedding anniversary, and also a year since the summer from hell. We've been through a shit ton together in our 10 years and I’m proud to say that we’re still standing, separately and together. [You want to know how truly blissful this vacation was? We fought for a total of 5 minutes over the course of 6 days. Yeah, we win.] Fucking-A man, fucking-A.

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