I've been mulling over this post for the past five days, not sure what to write, how to put it all into words. I guess I feel like that a lot these days though, so much to say but not sure how to say it. If a day were 27-28 hours, I’d be set!

On Monday I went to my first psychic reading at the urging of my mama. She has been very into the psychic world for the past few years and finally wore me down to set up a reading. She found this woman in my hometown, so I thought why not?

We pulled up to her townhouse and as soon as she opened the door, she sent Brent away. She only reads one person at a time or she mixes energies. So off he went alone to kill the next 90 minutes. We went into a spare bedroom where she does her readings. She sprayed me with something to help bring out my aura and had me rub essential oils (serenity is what she chose) in my hands. We did deep breathing, there was some gong and cymbals, and boom, we were on our way.

I had my hands palm up on the table laying on animal skins for the whole reading. She had one or both hands on mine and looked away or had closed eyes the entire time. Not going to lie, I was extremely uncomfortable when she started to tell me about myself. I don’t like to talk about myself (ha, but I blog!) in the flesh, I am only now at 27 not being a total ass when people compliment me. So having her focus on me and my spirit was weird.

She had very little information about me prior to the session and I have an extremely common last name, so her ability to Google anything about me would be tough. I also did my best not to divulge much information during the reading. I didn't connect the dots for her. If she wasn't dead on, I didn't reach for her. I didn't dig deep to make the statement she said work.

She spoke for almost 90 minutes. Here are some highlights (I am skeptical about most of this, but it was uncanny that she was able to be on about some things. Maybe they just apply to most of the general female population though. Let me know!):

  • My main Spirit Guide calls himself Isaiah. He’s helping me with my spirituality as I have recently been seeking more. [I have.]
  • My totem animal is a red tail hawk. [I see them EVERYWHERE.]
  • I was hung in Atlantis for being a healer. [Um, I don’t believe in Atlantis.]
  • I did clue her in that I have two kids, but she was able to speak to their personalities very well.
  • Noah was a famous pianist in Austria in a past life. He will pick up playing the piano in his own time, but it can’t be forced by us. [My son was FAMOUS!]
  • We will be having a third and it will be a girl. [Not the first person to tell me this. Others aren't psychic though.]
  • My husband will start his own business and it will take off more than we expected. [We’ll be RICH!]
  • She spoke to aspects of my personality, such as I don’t let negativity get to me, I've felt empowered as a woman from a young age, and I’m not easily influenced by things that are of this world. [I wore jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops, so no idea if that clued her in?]
  • She mentioned our veggie garden and how we will keep getting bigger. She also brought up chickens. [Yes and yes. Is that common?]
  • “I don’t know what they mean by this, but we don’t have to take on the genetics of your family, so stop worrying about it. It will all work out just fine.” [That hit home with my kids. Some of you many understand what that means for me.]
  • She spoke of Brent and I’s relationship fairly accurately. She felt that we had met young and had felt like we’d known each other forever. That our love has never faltered [even though we were apart for 18 months].
  • Apparently I have psychic abilities that I am not yet open too, as does Ezra. He sees spirits which he may or may not grow out of. [No proof of either.]
  • She brought up the commune idea that has floated around Tumblr and said we will be a part of that movement and that more will follow. [WILL! Let’s do it!]
  • There is a Boston terrier in our future. [CUTE!]

There was SO MUCH she spoke to. And I constantly go back and forth as to whether I believe it. Brent is able to rationalize it all as good guessing, but I’m not so sure. I do believe that people out there have psychic abilities, so whose to say this woman doesn't?  She was dead wrong on some things (my dog is not a male, I don’t have a scar on my abdomen) but was right about so much more. I’m about 60% sure she has the ability.

That being said, I am not basing any life decisions on this reading. It was fun and that is all. It also gave me a bit of a confidence boost in life. She only does positive readings. It’s given me a bit of positive momentum or inspiration to continue to chase down the things I already was. Exploring my spirituality, pushing myself at work, continuing to improve our family dynamic. Nothing ground-breaking, just the normal goings-on of our family, pushing us to do better, be better.

What do you guys think? Do you relate to most of what she told me? Is she just a describer of the general population who happens to get paid for it? I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences!

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