Change is a constant in these parts. At times it’s a love affair, others it’s a battle. But we keep on rolling, never stay still for too long.

We survived our first two weeks with Brent transitioning to the role of stay at home dad. Honestly? It has gone almost seamlessly. Way less stress than I had imagined as we are all getting adjusted to a new routine. The boys can wake up at a more leisurely pace, then have breakfast, and Noah walks to school with the neighbors. I have been getting up earlier, taking a new bus, and getting home earlier to spend more time with all my boys.

Overall it has been an extremely positive experience for our little family. We see more of each other. Our time spent together is less stressful. We have more opportunities to do family activities throughout the week. Brent starts a pottery class tonight. Noah starts Tae Kwon Do in a few weeks. I am so stoked for them! And I am just basking in it all. Taking it all in. Loving that we had the ability to make this big change, to have more serenity in our everyday life.

After you have kids, you often wonder when life will slow down. After 6.5 years of being a mama, I finally accept that it won’t. Which means I have to savor each day that we have, good, bad, ugly, or amazing. I am just so thankful I get to do it with my partner, my best friend, the most badass papa around.

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