Weekend Recap:
  1. Friday started out with my bi-weekly does of acupuncture.
  2. Small town apple festival let us pet some alpacas.
  3. Sometimes I unwind with some Lego games on Wii. HP this time around.
  4. Pickles are canned! Next year we will grow our own cukes, but this year Farmer’s Market for the win!
  5. Seventh wedding anniversary breakfast with all the boys.
  6. Snack time is messy time. LOVE IT.
  7. Walks to the park.
  8. Enjoying the outdoors while we still can!
  9. When the boys take separate baths Ez gets a bit put out. Took this photo right before he fell in head first. You’d think he’d have learned by now that that is always the outcome. :)
Had an awesome mellow family weekend to cap off the first week of school. Settling in to our new routine and basically just rocking at life.

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