A Tale of the Tooth Fairy

We are a fairy tale family, meaning we raise our kids with all of the normal folklore that comes with childhood. Santa Claus, Easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc. Noah is a very logical kid, but he has a soft spot in his heart for whimsical creatures that he has never seen. Until last night. Cue one of the most confusing conversations I’ve had with him to date.

His third tooth fell out (or was voluntarily pulled out by papa) and it was the first of his teeth we have physically had. The others were presumably swallowed. He was so excited as we got ready for bed. That damn tooth has been loose FOREVER. We put it in a ziploc bag to ensure it wasn’t lost and placed it under his pillow. Three pages before we finished the book we were reading he said “I don’t think there’s a tooth fairy. Is she real?”

I finished the book and then dove into this conversation. “Do you really not think there’s a tooth fairy?” “No.” “Do you want to know the truth?” “Yes!” “There is no tooth fairy.” :::giggles::: “I don’t believe you!” :::more giggles:::

Ok, what? YOU suggested she doesn’t exist and when I confirm you change your mind? We went back and forth for a while and never reached a conclusion as to what he believed. So we did an experiment. “How about this? You put your tooth under your pillow. Mama and papa will not put any money under it tonight. If you wake up in the morning and there is money under your pillow, then the tooth fairy exists.”

Guess who is waking up with $5 under his pillow?

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