The Traveling Mama

Last year I started a new job that has me travel for 2-3 days every few months. It is not a very demanding travel schedule, but it is one I enjoy immensely. I get to meet people face to face who I talk to via email, I learn new things every time I go, and I get to enjoy some quiet time each day as well. I have only gone on a handful of trips but here are some things I’ve learned.

The Good

1.       Almost every trip I’ve taken in the past 6 years has involved bringing a child with. Finally flying alone with only myself to worry about is a breeze! And I still pack enough snacks for small company, so my tummy is happy too.

2.       I can easily fit everything I need for a few days into one carry on. ONE!

3.       I only have myself to worry about. I can sleep in and only have one person to dress and feed in the morning.

4.       The food is delicious and prepared by someone else EVERY MEAL.

5.       The quiet upon my arrival at the hotel each night. Serenity.

The Bad

1.       Every time I hear or see a small child my heart lurches.

2.       Time zone and work schedule differences make it hard to touch base with my husband each day.

3.       I’m never sure who I can curse around without it being a career limiting move. Blast!

4.       Flight delays. To hell with you flight delays!

5.       The quiet upon my arrival at the hotel each night. Frightening.

Upon my arrival home my kids don’t even seem to notice I was gone. Rockstar husband juggles his crazy work schedule with two different kids/daycares without missing a beat. At least I know he misses me.

I’m really trying to enjoy the balance this work schedule brings to my life while I have it. Life changes so often that this moment may be fleeting. I also love that it is setting a great example of partnership for our children. They can see their mama and papa constantly working to maintain a healthy family life balance, regardless of how each of our roles change. We both work together to make ends meet, as a team. We each pick up the others slack if our work lives become too demanding one week over the next. I hope that they seek out the same kind of partner in their future relationships. Life is a whole lot more enjoyable with your best friend by your side.

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