Fun weekends are those spent trying to delouse your child and home in hopes that no one else in the family contracts the creepy little parasites. I have done about 12 loads of laundry (EVERYTHING IS CONTAMINATED my brain screams), shampooed heads, nit-picked my son’s buzz cut, and sprayed down all the beds, couches, chairs, anything he has touched multiple times. So far my over-zealousness has kept the rest of us from being contaminated.

Bugs and dirt and germs don’t bother me, but my son bringing lice home from his elementary school summer program and then having to be quarantined does. Do you know how hard it is to keep an energetic social six year old cooped up all weekend?! And try to keep his snuggly butt from getting too close to my hair? Add on top of that our decision to take away Ezra’s nuk during the day and we had a dramatic weekend. Both of my sons can be total drama queens.

I’ll be away from the screaming and parasites for the next few days. Leaving for California in about 3 hours. I’ll be there until Wednesday for work. Rumor has it I’ll get to see the ocean for dinner tonight! Yay! So long lice, hello Pacific Ocean!

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