Kid Projects - Wind Car/Wind Sock

Noah received a Kiwi Crate subscription for his birthday this year and we’ve been sitting on these little treasure boxes for months! These self contained craft sets are great if your little ones have a love for crafting and exploring but you’re not sure where to start. Everything you need comes in one green box. This one was two projects about wind power.

Every single thing you need to complete the projects are contained in the box, right down to the tape and scissors. It’s freaking awesome. Noah wanted to get right down to business on the wind car. Duh.

He read the directions and we did the project together. He loved digging through the box to find each piece. Ezra got in on the action too.

Brent and I took a trip down memory lane when we saw the Cray-Pas that came with the set. Back when we used them in elementary school teachers treated them like gold, so we were watched like hawks whenever we used them. God forbid you broke one!

The final product was not only fun to construct, but fun to blow around the kitchen floors!

Being a not so creative mama with a wicked creative kid, Kiwi Crates are the perfect combination for us. They show up on my front porch ready to go, all they require is time with my little guys. That is definitely something I can get on board with! And they’re great for rainy days or endless snowy Minnesota winters!

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